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"Subscriber Swarm Method Reveals
How To Drive Thousands Of Highly-Targeted
Visitors To Your Website And Build An
Unstoppable List Of Subscribers In Any Niche!"


From :Lisa Rae Preston

***without software
***without blogging
***without your own social media account
***without writing one single article
***without spending one additional penny

Dear Internet Marketing Friend,

     How would you like a non-stop supply of traffic to your niche site, without doing any marketing whatsoever? I’m talking an unstoppable, steady flow of visitors day in and day out that you couldn’t cut off if you wanted to.

     You’re probably wondering right now – yeah, and how many bazillions is it gonna cost me? Heck, if you’re like me, you’ve invested thousands of dollars in traffic-generating systems that didn’t measure up to the hype. Maybe you’ve bought traffic, worked with co-registration systems, tried to build your subscriber list – and like me, ended up with 2000 names and emails from Timbuktu who are interested in homeschooling. Hmmm, why do I feel like I’ve lost my money here?

     Traffic generation can be number one killer of an internet entrepreneur’s dreams. You’ve worked hard to get a site built, populated it with solid content, RSS feeds and Adsense and then… you wait and pray for visitors. One here, one there. Hey, two unique visitors on one day –  and you’re thrilled until you realize they were you and your sister-in-law.

     Just having a phenomenal site that offers loads of value to your visitors doesn’t make you any money. You can have the best niche content on the planet and still rank no higher than Google’s 101st page.

     Relying on the Search Engines to rank you high and competing with every Tom, Dick, and Harry out there for keywords takes time, money, and produces stress out the whazoo. What will catapult you over the top in business is a system that brings traffic day in and day out, and that doesn’t rely in any manner on Search Engines. You don’t want your site held captive in any manner to a third party.

     Imagine that perfect system you set up once and floods of visitors continue to come to your site, day in, day out. Your subscriber list literally multiplies itself over and over. So many web visitors coming to your site and signing up for your email list that you can’t stop them unless you took down your site.

     Imagine one of the most exciting parts of your day - logging in to your Aweber account and seeing scads of new subscribers every week, and it’s all on verifiable autopilot.

     Well, it’s absolutely what happened to me, and quite by accident! Here’s what happened….

                     How I Built a List of 8169+ Gardeners in Ten Hours
           with Subscriber Swarm, My Automatic Subscriber Generator

     I had several niche sites, all based on the "good content rule," and the "sign up for my newsletter and get this free report deal." Nothing new here. Unfortunately, in most niches I scored only a trickle of folks here and there. My garden site, though, flourished like the Amazon jungle! So many folks were signing up for my garden newsletter, I had to bump up to Aweber’s next payment level!

     Over 1000 subscribers in one week. Then 500 in one day. Dozens of sign-ups daily. I shook my head in amazement! What made the difference in my garden site and the other sites I had up?

     Once I figured it out, I realized I had hit gold.

     I call the technique Subscriber Swarm. It’s not rocket science. In fact, the strategy is so simple, you’ve heard it before (just like I had). But there was one little twist I made that brought in that unstoppable flow.


Subscriber Swarm
Traffic and Subscriber
Generation System

Subscriber Generating


     The Subscriber Swarm Traffic and Subscriber Generation System saves me so much time, I can move to other niches and other ideas. I don’t need to outsource to dozens of virtual assistants. I can create products in niches to my heart’s content (my passion!) and leave the traffic generation and list building on autopilot. Plus, it doesn’t cost me a penny to utilize this strategy. Not one red cent.

     With my Subscriber Swarm Traffic and Subscriber Generation System, once you set up your system, it’s all a breeze from there. No more work on traffic generation. In fact, with Subscriber Swarm, you never have to worry about or spend any money on

     X Search Engine Optimization
     X Pay-per click
     X Social Media Domination
     X Advertising
     X Traffic Generating Software
     X Products telling you how to create overnight riches
     X Virtual Assistants
     X Outsourcing

     With Subscriber Swarm Traffic and Subscriber Generation System, you need

     NO Technical ability apart from setting up your site
     NO Weekly submissions to article sites
     NO Facebook page, Twitter account, Squidoo, Hub page or any other social media account
     NO Training in Social Media Mastery
     NO Keyword research
     NO Blogging
     NO Writing Articles
     NO Cash outlay except the small amount you paid for this report

     It’s that simple.

     Why Get So Psyched About a Niche List, Anyway?

     Lists of loyal subscribers who enjoy hearing from you translate into “real online income.” I adore creating products, and my passion is writing books and reports in numerous niches. But the majority of my income comes from email marketing. Selling products brings in initial cash, but email marketing is the stream that keeps on giving.

     That’s what you want to set up. Multiple streams that keep bringing you in an income. You’ve heard it over and over – many internet marketers average $1 per subscriber per month. In my experience, it’s more like 50 cents per subscriber, unless you’re beating the heck out of folks with offers. How much you make also depends on the niche you’re in and how often you mail out.

     But, even if you made 50 cents a subscriber per month, and you had a system in place that brought in hundreds of sign-ups in a consistent manner, you can make a nice living by doing nothing more than sending out an email each week.

     That’s a full time income with part-time effort.

     But no money comes in at all without...


     That’s why you want to set up a system like Subscriber Swarm. Most folks have ignored this method, because it takes some initial work to set up. Plan on ten –fifteen hours to set it up if you’ve already got a site. If you have no site up yet, all you need is a simple squeeze page, and there are thousands of tutorials out there on how to set that up. Then you can invest your ten-fifteen hours.

     I’m telling you, that’s all I put into my garden site. And the flurry of visitors continues, with no further work on my end.


     Now, I could easily add a dozen videos to my Subscriber Swarm Traffic and Subscriber Generation System,  throw in audios each month, print out a workbook and charge you a few hundred dollars for the package.

     But I’m too busy working in my other niches, building more lists. In fact, one of my goals is to have one million subscribers on one of my lists by the end of this year. I don’t want to take hours of my time to flesh out something just so you can pay me more money.

     The final cost of the package will be around the $47 - $67 dollar mark. And worth every penny to get a system that shows how to set up an unstoppable flow of traffic and subscribers!  But for the pre-launch special price and only for the folks on my subscriber lists, I’m slashing the cost to an investment of

     $27.      (Pre-Launch Price Only!)

      That’s it. Honest.

For less than the price of one medium bag of groceries, you’ll discover...

       Exactly how I created my unstoppable flow of traffic (from start to finish)

       Why the basic “write a report and offer it for free” doesn’t capture sign-ups (and why the majority of sites offering free products get no response)

       Step-by-step template for setting up your own Automatic Subscriber Generator in any niche

       The best way to post to forums to get the most traffic (I’ve never shared this technique before in any of my products)

       What NEVER to do when posting to forums (can get you banned by the forum if they find this out and generate very bad press for your site)

       An actual template I created to walk you through writing a sizzling report that generates swarms of visitors to your site

       How giving away your Subscriber Swarm report can bring in a thousand times more income than if you outright sold it (and how to accomplish that very feat!)

       The key places and people to go to for creating your Subscriber Swarm report (and it won’t cost you one cent!)

       The exact scenarios you’ll face when setting up your Subscriber Swarm Report and exactly what to say to the subscribers who do this

       Three hidden sources of content for your Subscriber Swarm Report (these can take your report over the top and have folks spreading it around like wildfire!)

       A “get started this very second” checklist to initiate your Subscriber Swarm immediately

     All delivered in a concise, simple-to-read-and-digest package. No big graphics or screen shots to make the book look bigger. Just the facts and the system.

     Pardon the blunt question here, but are you one of those people buying money-making course after course on the internet , trying a little bit of everything, but not really sure of what you really want to do?

     In marketing for seven years, I’ve tried everything from eBay to Adwords to Adsense to content sites. From JV brokering to consulting to copywriting to product creation. And in the end, what brought me more success, hands down, was using the Subscriber Swarm Traffic and Subscriber Generation System.

     If all the info courses and new pieces of software have left you more confused than ever and getting nowhere…

     … then dive into the Subscriber Swarm Traffic and Subscriber Generation System and set up a system that can potentially bring in real cash into your account within the first three weeks of set up! And then it continues to build profits exponentially and literally on autopilot.

     You won’t find a less-expensive, less-time consuming, less-stressful way to make a living online. Period.  And I GUARANTEE the product purchase.  If you're unhappy with Subscriber Swarm in any way, then return it for a complete and courteous refund.

     If you want to drive thousands of highly-targeted visitors to your website and build an unstoppable list of subscribers in any niche

     *** without software
     ***without blogging
     ***without your own social media account
     ***without writing one single article
     ***without spending one additional penny

     Then grab your copy of Subscriber Swarm Traffic and Subscriber Generation System while it’s at this special reduced rate of $27!


    Here’s to your email marketing success!

     Lisa Rae Preston

     P.S.  Just think! You’ll never again suffer the stress and head-banging frustration of how to get traffic to your site.  Or how to build a thriving, constantly expanding subscriber list! Now, you can get the entire Subscriber Swarm Traffic and Subscriber Generation System for $27!   And that's all you'll have to buy, period!

     P.P.S.  Remember,  if you're looking to drive thousands of highly-targeted visitors to your website and generate an automated list-building system, you won't find any technique simpler or less expensive or more powerful!

     P.P.P.S.   The $27 pre-launch price is good for my list subscribers only - so click the order button above to get your copy of Subscriber Swarm Traffic and Subscriber Generation System now! 



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